Akhela attends M2m 2012

During  the conference sessions, Antonio Solinas, Akhela manager, presented in his speech entitled "Social Internet of Things, the human side of things" the  Akhela  vision  on the subject and on various research projects currently underway. Solinas explained that: "Today, there are about 1.5 billion Internet-connected PC and over 1 billion Internet-enabled smartphones, these numbers are insignificant compared to the number of objects expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020. Connecting a large number of remote devices, distributed across different areas, is not only a network problem but also concerns  the management of collected data and of  the information exchanged. Even if in this area Cloud computing opportunities can play a certain role, a uniformity of standards is necessary to manage the large amount of information produced and to simplify the connection between devices and mobile networks, increasing reliability and security and the development of M2M services.We are witnessing a revolution both for "Internet" and  for "Things". Telco companies look to the Internet of the future, but the revolution will be the most pervasive and tangible objects that will change their nature becoming enriched in embedded systems. "Not human" traffic has already surpassed "human" one; tomorrow objects will be part of our social networks. Akhela with its research projects,  looks at the revolution of the "Internet of Things" from a privileged perspective, that of things, cloud computing and social networks. " Building automation, intelligent transports, eHealth, Security, are just some of the various technology areas on which M2M technologies are destined  to be more strategic in the next 10 years.The topics covered during the event were many, from the development of Smart Grid to  the  use of M2M for the construction of the Smart Cities. The re-adaptation of the old infrastructures and the creation of new "intelligent infrastructures", able to optimize performances and reduce consumption and costs, will help to rebuild the urban areas according to the responsible use of available resources and technologies.